Carin Bester – Abasindile, 2018 (The Survivors)


“Abasindile” 2018

Ink prints with red stitching

Multimedia handprints on Fabriano
i. Ingane, 310 mm square, R1 300
ii. Inkosazana, 400 mm square, R1 600
iii. Gogo, 480 mm square, R2 100


Panties cast in plaster

Price available on request (dependent on installation method)


Abasindile (The Survivors), 2018


A three-part installation which deals with multi-generational Trauma and the capacity for healing and resilience of victims of sexual violence. 

Sexual abuse is an act of violence which the attacker uses against someone they perceive as weaker than them, most victims are women and children. I challenge the notion of sexual violence victims being responsible in some way “Asking for it”, an idea created by a patriarchal society. No one asks for it, not the 2-year-old child, not the beautiful young woman and not the 80-year-old granny. 

I use white plaster and medical gauze as medium. The white contrasts with the darkness of sexual violence and very often dark lonely place victims find themselves in, because of feelings of guilt or feeling dirty. The white symbolises the innocence of these victims. The plaster as the chosen material represents healing, from its use in setting broken bones.

On each of the panties one can see tears that’s been sewn up: the act of sewing/repair is used to promote healing. Victims of sexual violence will live with scars visible or not for the rest of their lives, but they continue. They find the strength inside themselves to heal in the best way they can, and they survive. 


Additional information

Size / artwork

SMALL PANTIES i. Ingane, 310 mm square, R1300, MEDIUM PANTIES Inkosazana, 400 mm square, R1600, LARGE PANTIES iii. Gogo, 480 mm square, R2 100, TRIPTYCH (all three) R4500