Ellena Lourens – Cor Cordium, 2019


25.6 x 29 cm Edition of 20 fine Art Print on Cotton, archival paper. (Original: Acrylic on Wood Panel)



Elléna Lourens is a South African artist practicing in Cape Town. She began working on personal and collaborative creative projects from a young age and has subsequently developed a distinctive style which is highly engaging and contemporary. Throughout her practice, the artist has continued to explore creative outlets which contribute and complement her unique style such as illustration, street art, painting and embroidery. Her style lends itself to the past in its representation of ancient symbols, patterns, and colour schemes , while voicing an intuitively current aesthetic that resonates and seeks to redefine emotional iconography. Her works often have a soft ephemeral feel which creates a delicate contrast between subject matter and graphic visuality of the piece. Her use of reduced colour palettes and bold shapes creates a dynamic conversation between her depiction of human connection and the emotive qualities of colour. She has immersed herself in the creative world, working alongside established artists, as well as furthering her own practice, taking part in shows and creating murals both in South Africa and abroad.

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Dimensions 25.6 × 29 cm