Gina Niederhumer – “Stitched” series, 2019


28 x 23 cm Collages with hand-stitching, 6 original artworks.


Gina Niederhumer, artist and traveller between North and South, describes her journey through life via needle and thread. Themes spread from the past to the present, between Europe and Africa, often engaging with family history, old photographs and textiles. Working with found objects from her home country and texts from her journals, Gina tries to search for meaning behind her up-rootment and transforms the seemingly irresolvable into tangible artworks. By engaging with her family’s story she tries to make sense of her own life. Gina has moved to South Africa at the age of 19. Coming from a long line of needlewomen, she connects with them through her work and combines past traditions with her fine art practice. Although the impulse for her work might come from the personal and private, the concerns she addresses are part of the larger human condition and applicable in a universal context.
Gina lives and works in Cape Town.

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