Kathryn Harmer Fox – Clipped and Caged, embroidery, 2016


Various assorted dress materials and sewing threads on canvas.
Techniques used: Fibre embedment using scribble stitch and free-motion machine embroidery.

Available on silent auction.

Bidding price starts at R34,000.

To place your bid email sarah@anonpopup.com.

Proceeds in excess of the wall price are donated to Nonceba.org.

Any artwork that auctions for higher than the wall price, the difference will be donated to Nonceba Family Counselling Centre in Khayelitsha. On request, the donation can be made in your name or your organisation’s and a tax certificate is available upon request. For all other sales on the show, 50% of proceeds is donated to Nonceba.org by ANON. Pop Up Art Show.

Auction closes 10 December 2019.



Source and inspiration

I took numerous photographs of my friend holding a wire lampshade frame over her head and combined these with photographs of a red-collared barbet that had lived with us. I had found it at the base of a tree with a rather self-satisfied cat lurking amongst the branches above it. This glorious little creature had free-range of our house and hearts for about 2 years before flying off for good. The concept behind the image deals with the idea of caging anything against its will and how that imprisonment denatures/dehumanizes and belittles the caged. Women are often valued for their physical appearance above all else – they turn into an exotic possession. This piece was juried into the 2016 Sasol New Signatures exhibition in Pretoria and was also included in their catalogue.

Artist Statement

I am a multimedia artist who works predominantly in textiles. I believe that the ability to draw frees me as an artist, giving me the lexicon with which to express my ideas and concepts. Whether I am sculpting, painting or sewing, I am drawing, either what I see in front of me or inside my head; my work is based on what I see rather than experience. Once I have the idea of what I want to create, I begin collecting/taking photographs from which to work. I am a representational (rather than an abstract) artist, although the image may be fantastic (as in Clipped and Caged), it is still a recognizable image.

I believe that making art feeds and sustains you and am therefore also a teacher. I teach a drawing class from my studio in Kwelera Mouth (East London) every Saturday morning and also travel both locally and internationally in order to share the numerous workshops that I have created based upon my work in textiles, papier-mache, shoe-making, creative clothing and using abstract line as a form of meaningful expression.

I firmly believe that drawing is neither a talent nor a gift but like reading, a learnt skill. Which doesn’t mean that everybody can be an artist (just as not all literate people are authors), but it does mean that everybody can be taught to drag a pencil across the paper in a meaningful way.