Lindeka Qampi – Ukufa Kuse Mbizeni (The Death is Inside the Pot), 2019


7 x original A4 Drawings by Lindeka Qampi, a street photographer turned internationally recognised artist and poet from Cape Town

Also available as 10 editions each x A4 prints

Lindeka Qampi works with a group called Limise, using photography and art process groupwork for healing.

She is also part of Somnyama Ngonyama with Zanele Muholi.


Ukufa kuse mbizeni. In English: The death is inside the pot. A Xhosa idiom meaning that the source of the problem is within us and it is enough.


We need to break the silence about the rape which has been happening for many years.

JUSTICE, it’s about time, it’s enough

It is like a fire that destroys many lives which is countless.

Even in our history Sarah Baartman was one of the victims of rape.

It is enough!!!

Sinoxolo Mafevuka was killed

And the perpetrators are unknown .

The evidence was washed away by water. No DNA was found because of the lack of evidence.

We need to stand up!!!

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