Pony of the Sea (Katya Wagner) – Don’t Go, 2019


20 x 420 mm square Giclee prints on Archival paper (Felix Schoeller true fibre matte 200gsm)



💧Don’t go… it’s not safe.💧 This is a message many girls grow up with. The implication being that you, a lone female, are a permanent target. As a teenager I scoffed at this. How can someone grow and become an independent human if they are locked up at home or being chaperoned constantly? 💧 The truth is that we as South African women are imprisoned by our own men’s sense of entitlement: to our time, our bodies, our very lives. Every day as another woman or child is hurt this prison becomes ever clearer. Don’t go out, it’s not safe. And sometimes even then it’s not safe. #endgenderbasedviolence.