Sarah Jayne Fell – Ignite and Rise, 2019


20 x A3+ archival prints on Felix Schoeller True Rag Etching with Gold paint.

Original artwork: collage and acrylic on canvas



Sarah Jayne Fell is the founder and curator of ANON.

This work was created in an ASTAR art course during August and September 2019 on the theme of the element of Fire, and the journey through creating this work inspired the RISE exhibition.

Channelling the energy of fire into something constructive and connective, rather than allowing fire’s destructive energy to take over, allows us to create rather than destroy. Fire has the potential to burn and reignite life if it is channelled in this way.

Original artwork is an A1 multimedia work with collage and acrylic that is also available for sale on request. Contact if you’d like to make an offer.